Commitment to Quality

Patient safety and quality are our organization’s top priority and a focus of our culture.  MVHS is building a safety culture through becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO).   HROs draw upon science, facts, and the practical experience of high reliability industries, such as nuclear power and aviation, to improve patient safety in all healthcare settings.  HROs operate to make systems ultra-safe by embedding safety skills and behaviors that are taught to every individual in MVHS – members of the Board of Directors, every employee and every member of the Medical Staff.   Join us on our journey to becoming an HRO.

Our Values

I-CARE (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence) are the values that our organization uses to fulfill our mission to provide excellence in healthcare for our communities. Our employees are evaluated on their ability to perform their work through the lens of our values. We also regularly recognize exceptional employees who consistently embrace the I-CARE values. We also recruit new members of our workforce with our values at the forefront. 

What Does I-CARE Stand For?


  • Dedicates self to service in the best interests of our patients, residents, their families, our hospitals and our community.
  • Speaks up and takes positive action when something is inappropriate or inconsistent with our values.
  • Follows through on commitments and holds self accountable.
  • Respects the dignity and confidentiality of those we serve and work alongside.
  • Acts with openness, honesty and transparency in all communications 


  • Actively listens to the perspectives, values and needs of others and treats them as if they are their own.
  • Sees others as a person and strives to anticipate their needs. Acts appropriately with sincere kindness to meet those needs.
  • Acknowledges the pain and suffering of others and does so with understanding and empathy.
  • Maintains an engaged and personal presence while serving others, while promoting a therapeutic environment.
  • All interactions can be characterized by honesty, respect, warmth and dignity.


  • In all interactions, demonstrates the highest professional standards of ethics, knowledge, skill and competence in decision making and work performance.
  • Approaches challenges in a manner that reflects professional maturity, confidence and mutual respect.
  • Conveys a professional image in appearance and demeanor.
  • Takes responsibility for personal and team actions.
  • Has pride in environment around them and takes positive action for its betterment 


  • Demonstrates respect for the personal independence and worth of each person we serve and with whom we serve.
  • Empathizes with the feelings and needs of others and recognizes how self behaviors can affect others.
  • Values and embraces the rich diversity of personal experience, cultural insight, professional identity and training in achieving our goals.
  • Seeks out opportunities to demonstrate regard and appreciation for others


  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to creating and sustaining the highest standards of safety, quality and service.
  • Works well with others to improve what we do on a daily basis.
  • Actively participates in information gathering and sharing and demonstrates improvements through shared outcomes.
  • Challenges the status quo with out of the box thinking in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Embraces change in the pursuit of innovation and superior care.